Saturday, August 27, 2011


So here is a megapost. Got some catching up to do.

It was a great time. Shared a table with my brother Tony Rabit (my wife was there too).

Sold some stuff. Traded some stuff. Had some laughs. All in all a great time. Below is a photo a pretty cool guy took when he bought a "Blood" print.

Tony Rabit and I also, made a collab zine.

Entitled "Worst Dudes", it was made overnight and is completely outlandish. Limited edition, only a few are around.

It was a good time and I am pumped for next year.

Second up, I did a shirt design for my camping buddy Chris.

Inside joke with a client of his. He hooked me up with some fantastic headphones from his company and they are the best. Check out their products at Klipsch.

Third up, I am selling zines at Quimby's Bookstore.

1854 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60602
Thanks so much to Quimby's for the opportunity.

Fourth up, cards.
Made a card for my sister's birthday.

And one for Fathers' Day.

Fifth up, smart phone wallpapers (just click to make larger).
Astro (android top, iphone bottom).

Ghost Town (android top, iphone bottom).

Sixth up, I sent some zines to and show in Paris.

October 2011, at the Marguerite Duras Public Library, in Paris.
Check out their site.

So that's about it. Not super busy, but I did some stuff. It was nice catching up. I'll see you around.

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